Dr. John will be a guest on the Jeff Rense Program this Friday 11-11-11 from 8-9 PST to talk about this.


This is a very interesting week since besides the near approach of the asteroid 2005 YU55 on 11/8/11, we have the date 11-11-11 occurring on Friday. See NASA Asteroid Watch

Did you know that in ancient and medieval times many believed numbers had either a positive or negative aspect? The Number 11 was an exception and because it was located between the divine numbers 10 and 12,  many believed it was a bad or evil number.

Some are looking forward to this day and many marriages are scheduled but some are looking at it like Friday the 13 magnified.  Maybe it is good for gamblers, i.e. 7 or 11.

Notice November 11 is also Veterans Day which is celebrated at Arlington National Ceremony. The ceremony commences exactly at 11am.

Also Corduroy appreciate day. Yes no joke and this will be a big celebration in NY. They picked this day since they felt that 11-11 represents the closest of the Corduroy pattern.

Some will go and see the new release of the movie 11-11-11. "The Gate Way is Open" according to the movie but what do you expect as this movie has the same producer as some of the SAW movies.

The sunspot cycle is approximately 11 years. (Did you know that from around 1645 to 1715 there were little or no sunspots. No one knows why this occurred. Scientists call this period the Maunder Minimum, named after astronomer Edward Maunder) 

The Black Hole in the center of our galaxy spins around once every 11 minutes.

One of my favorite areas of research, string theory, or M-Theory postulates the existence of 11-spacial dimensions.

I wonder if the 7-eleven stores have any specials on this day?

But most important for all you Trekkies, there have been 11 star trek movies made.

My daughter who is a senior in High School gave me the best suggestion for what to do on 11-11-11. "Make a Wish" and look for a new beginning! Good optimistic advice for all of us.

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Additional Information Received

From SandyNo mater when you were born if you add the year you were born with your age it equals 111.
(I will discuss why this works during my interview with Jeff Rense on Friday, time permitting. Actually there are exceptions in which this does not work. Can you figure out what those exceptions are?)

From WrayIt (numerology) wasn't just in ancient times.  Nancy (Regan) consulted a numerologist for the best days for Ronnie to sign bills. 

From Al: 11-11-11- is a powerful date in ascension teachings, referred to as a triple Star Gate.

From Frank: In the Pythagorean system, Eleven signified chaos because it was a cardinal number separating humanity or civilization --- associated with Ten --- from the cosmic order embodied in the number Twelve.