Collaboration and Credits

This project was conducted at the University of Michigan Virtual Reality Laboratory (VRL) at the College of Engineering and was funded by the College of Engineering. Peggy Sanders from Archaeological Graphic Services provided the three-dimensional AutoCAD data of the pyramid. These data were initially produced by the Giza Plateau Mapping Project (GPMP) affiliated with The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago and the Harvard Semitic Museum. The GPMP is administered by Ancient Egypt Research Associates, Inc. (AERA). Mark Lehner is President of AERA, Director of the GPMP, and Research Associate at the Harvard Semitic Museum. At the University of Michigan, JoAnn Render optimized and converted the original AutoCAD model to VRML, added textures, and programmed VRML functionality. Klaus-Peter Beier, Director of the Virtual Reality Laboratory, coordinated and supervised the project. You may view the main site at:


The Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association is not affiliated in any way with this project or VRLM modeling, Cortona Plug in software, etc.  We are only providing the links to these sites from our own site.