Dr. Abdelfattah Mohsen Badawi

 Chairman of  Scientific Committee  for Egyptian Association for Pyramid Sciences in Cairo



For combating cancer the following are used: radio sensitizers, photo-sensitizers (like metallo-phthalo-cyanines) and electromagnetic field (EMF) sensitizers (like ferrocenes). Since pyramid energy could be related to electromagnetic cosmic energy, is it possible to use EMF sensitizers for potential destruction of tumors inside the pyramid.  Is it preferable for activating the EMF sensitizers that the therapeutic pyramid might be made from ferromagnetic materials like ferrites.

§  Supervised many M. Sc. and Ph. D. Thesis in Chemistry.

§  Published many Research Papers in International Journals.

§  Published some Arabic Books, from them “Comprehensive Peace or Mass Destruction Weapons”.

§  Published some English books in India, from them “A Journey to Self-Peace”.

§  Member of Medicinal Chemistry Division, American Chemical Society.

§  Has French Patent on antitumor drug, Gallium Salicylate.

§  General secretary of Societe Internationale de Recherche Therapentique, Experimentale et Clinique, in Bastia, France.

§  Awarded the 2006 International Peace Prize for Outstanding Personal Achievements to the Good of Society as a whole, (September 15, 2006), by President and General – in – Residence, United Cultural Convention in USA.