Kirti Betai, B.Com. LLB. INDIA - Founder of Modern Vastu (Energy) Science and has treated over 30,000 patients  (1992-2000) through the Pyramid Energy Healing Systems which he has developed. He is also a lawyer and was in business of manufacturing plastic raw materials at Mumbai India.

Mr. Kirti Betai, (B.Com. LLB.) is the founder of Modern Vastu (Energy) Science.  He is also a lawyer and was in business of manufacturing plastic raw materials at Mumbai India until 1985

I thereafter retired from my business at the age of 40 years and shifted from Mumbai to Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, in North India. In 1991 I read an article about the experiments with Pyramid Energy Systems by Dr. Bovis (France) who was involved in Pyramid Re-Search in Egypt. 

Dr. Bovis (France) saw a stray cat which somehow died inside the Giza Pyramid and whose physical body did not show signs of decay for weeks despite the fact that it was not mummified.

This Re-Search led to my thought: If the Pyramid Energy System can preserve the harmony of even dead body cells then it must bring back harmony to my weak (but not dead) liver and kidney cells. 

Thus I began my Re-Search and Experiments with Pyramid Energy Systems in 1991. Within 2 years I made 10,000 Pyramids and placed them all over my residence and garden. Within those 2 years my liver and kidney became normal – which was pathologically confirmed. 

Symptomatically, I could now work 15 hours a day, without any pain or stress, tension, and fatigue, as compared to my earlier (1985 to 1991) limitation of not being able to sit for over 30 minutes. 

Seeing the change in my health, my friends and relations, and later their friends and relations took my help in respect of their health problems. The results were unmistakable and favorable in each case treated with Pyramid Energy Systems without any drugs. 

Each Pre-Energized Pyramid Energy Product is the result of Re-Search of over 12 years by Modern Vastu (Energy) Science, a not-for-profit organization, based at Agra, India. 

He has have treated over 30,000 patients (1992-2000) through the Power Packed Pre-Energized Pyramid Energy Healing Systems. 

In addition to the treatment of dis-eases, dis-orders, and ailments, Pyramid Energy Systems were also tried and tested for correction of Energy Force Fields of over 5,000 plots of land and buildings of every description including:- Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farms and Gardens, Agricultural, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Shops, Veterinary Clinics, Food Grain Storage facilities, etc. 

Over 500 business organizations were helped through Pendulum Energy Information System in turning around from loss making to profit making establishments. Services offered includes:- Employee Selection and Evaluation, Product Evaluation, Competition Strength, Identification of products and markets, Security Lapses, Crime Detection, Recovery of Stolen Goods, etc. 

We have trained over 400 students (many of whom were initially our patients) in the practice of Energy Science (Cosmo-Pathy) i.e. Pyramid Energy Systems and Pendulum Energy Re-Search and Information Management Systems. Many of these students are helping others in their respective areas. 



Bio – Data


Mr. Kirti Hemraj Betai

Birth Date

19th November 1944

Birth Place

Rangoon, Burma


B.Com. L.L.B. Mumbai University


Cosmo-Pathy Life Science :- Health Care Assistance, Spiritual Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Career Counseling, Family Counseling, De-addiction Counseling and Assistance, Business Turn-Around Assistance, Business Growth Assistance, Human Resource Development Assistance, Personality Development Assistance, Life Performance Assistance, Vastu (Feng Shui) Consultancy and Assistance.


Over 30,000 patients, 25,000 premises, and 500 business organizations have benefited Since 1991


Over 300 students have been trained in the use of pendulum for energy information discovery, and pyramid energy healing and vaastu systems during the past 5 years. Most of the students have themselves undergone pyramid energy healing before choosing to learn this most ancient science of happiness. Many of these students were Reiki Masters / Pranik Healers.


Rotary International, Freemason’s Lodge, Advisory Board of The Giza Pyramid Research Association.

Original Research

Pyramid Energy Systems for - spontaneous healing of all ailments, diseases, and disorders; Vastu (Feng Shui) Corrections; Plant growth and disease control; Reducing wear and tear of all machinery, vehicles, and electro-mechanical systems.


Birth of Cosmo-Pathy

Mr. Kirti Betai, age 56, suffered from adverse drug reactions and became comatose due to liver and kidney failure, in the year 1985 in Jaslok Hospital, at Mumbai.

He came out from coma within 7 days, which in itself is a miracle although the doctors had declared him to be virtually dead.

Four years after coming out of coma, he was still extremely weak and his liver and kidney functions were still abnormal which had to be monitored regularly.

Doctors had confined him to bed as they could not prescribe any heavy medication out of fear of repeated liver failure.

In this condition he shifted to Agra from Mumbai where he was provided accommodation in Radhasoami Satsang in view of his services as a legal advisor.

In 1989 he read about the research work and experiments of Dr. Bovis (France), Dr. Baxter (USA), and the Nobel Prize Winner Astrophysicist Dr. Lui Alvarez –relating to cosmic energy, pyramid energy, and pendulum systems.

Within two years thereafter he had created 10,000 pyramids and placed them all over his house and compound with a view to bring about spontaneous healing of his liver and kidney.

At the end of 1990 his liver and kidney function become normal which was confirmed by medical tests and he could now work for 15 hours a day – without any pain or weakness.

Two years ago he could not even sit for more than 30 minutes at a time due to pain and weakness. His Diabetes, Cervical Spondylosis, and his wife’s Asthma and Colitis got healed during the same period. No drugs or any other health care was used.

This was the second miracle in the life of Kirti Betai. Shortly thereafter others who saw his transformation began to take pyramid energy treatment and each one benefited. Diseases cured include Frequent and Chronic Cold to Cancer – Asthma to Allergies and Arthritis – Migraine to Muscular Dystrophy – Aids and Polio and Paralysis …. The list is endless.

Over 30,000 patients have been cured and 25,000 premises have been vastu corrected and 500 businesses have turned around from sickness to health including schools, hospitals, hotels, shops, factories, farms, etc.

Training Programs

Training Programs (individual or group) are regularly organized at Agra for those who desire to maximize happiness and minimize pain in their lives. For outstation Training Programs groups of about 10 to 30 students is economical.

Training Program at Agra is usually of two days duration. Outstation Training Program is of one day. Real training begins after the program is over and you practice what you have learnt.

Training Program includes the use of Pendulum for information management, pertaining to any aspect of life, including: health, business, marriage, compatibility, career options, the principles and practices of Pyramid Energy Healing Systems, and Vaastu / Feng Shui Correction Systems.

Students are advised to communicate their significant experiences with Pendulum and Pyramids regularly each week or month. Their experiences are assessed carefully and a proficiency certificate is issued when they are found to be consistent in their result and clear in their objective.

After receiving proficiency certificate you can help others in life and business and take important decisions and actions in your life to improve your health, wealth and happiness, with confidence backed by your own experience and knowledge.

Any one with an average level of intelligence and intention to improve his / her quality of life can become the most powerful healer in the world by learning and practicing the Energy Healing Systems and the Vaastu Correction Systems.