Mr. Davidson has been doing research in gravitational physics, free energy systems, and electronic medicine for over 35 years. He has concentrated his research efforts in understanding the nature of energy and how it relates to the forces of gravity, electricity and magnetism. Over the years of research he has witnessed and collected many fascinating stories of well documented bizarre incidents that point to a new understanding of science. He believes that the scientific community is in the process of developing a new paradigm in our understanding of nature which will radically change the physical sciences. His degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering have provided a basis to relate orthodox science concepts to advanced experimental research. Mr. Davidson is a strong advocate of experimentation and always backs up his theory with actual working experiments and publishes experimentally verified information.



Built several working gravity field sensors .

Proven that a free energy device is practical, and performed numerous experiments to prove advanced concepts about using and detecting subtle energy fields.

Witnessed several working free energy devices.

Built Joe Parr's gravity wheel device that gets over 800% weight loss under special conditions.

Current analysis has led to a universal grad unified field theory.

World class expert on John Ernst Worrel Keely's discoveries.

Worked with non-hertzian energy detection systems and non-hertzian energy converters. Presently researching the effects of various geometrical shape related to gravitational forces. One promising area is to develop nano-gravity structures that will provide the basis for a true space drive and also may be used as a driver for a free energy motor.

Expert computer systems designer and consultant.


Authored several books on his researches

Shape Power - Dan's latest book detailing how shape converts the universal aether into other forces, proven how the pyramid energy is created, shown that energy conduits exists between our sun and other stars which lead to a hyperspace drive.

Energy: Breakthroughs to New Free Energy Devices - A summary of proven free energy inventions into the 1970's, John Keely's amazing discoveries, Schauberger's Zokwendle, and many other tidbits.


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