Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, Ph.D. - UKRAINE - Theoretical Physicist and Senior Scientist for over 20 years at the Institute of Physics in Ukraine.  This institute was the premier military research institution of the former Soviet Union and Dr. Krasnoholvets helped develop instrumentation and new research technology. 

Dr. Krasnoholovets' specialty is condensed matter physics. However the foundations of physics are also in the area of his interests. In this line of research, combining knowledge of condensed matter with the main regulations of quantum physics he has constructed submicroscopic quantum mechanics developed in the real space. The theory constructed considers the real space as a tessalation of primodial cells (or balls, or superparticles), which are elementary blocks of Nature. A canonical particle is treated as a local deformation of the tesselattice. The motion of such a deformation (i.e. the motion of a particle) in the densily packed tesselattice generates a cloud of elementary excitations surrounding the particle. These excitations have been called "inertons" as they reflect actual inert properties of the moving particle. 

Inertons surround any material object, from an elementary particle to a star. Thus inertons form a total inerton field around objects. This field, along with the electromagnetic one, is a fundamental physical field. However, so far its detection escaped from scientists.  Nevertheless, the inerton field manifests itself in a number of experiments and, in particular, it makes itself evident in experiments with model pyramids and some similar constructions. About the Great Pyramid and the Earth's inerton field you can read in his article written for the web site of our Association. 

More details about Dr. Krasnoholovets and his activity see in his web page  http://inerton.cjb.net