Svetlana and Sergey

Svetlana Gorbunova graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University in Russia.   She is a physician and in 1994 started researching the project of the ancient cylindrical rods that were used in ancient Egypt.  With her husband, she helped develop and organize the production of these rods to simulate the ones that the ancient Egyptians used.


 1990-1992           Post-graduate studies at Scientific-research Institute “Physics of the Earth” of the Russian Academy of  Sciences, Moscow
Theme of the thesis: “Atmospheric precursors of earthquakes”. Three scientific publications

 1983-1989           Department of Physics at St. Petersburg State University   -  Specialization:Geophysics

Professional experience

1994 – to date     invested the project of cylindrical rods' topic's development and organized the production. A PR-specialist in present day.

1993-1995           Manager at the husband’s private firm “Monplaisir” Public relations 

1992-1993           Advertisement Manager of Association “Region” Creation and promotion of new brand names

Sergey Gorbunov  graduated from the Branch of  Saint-Petersburg State Maritime Technical University and is the head of the Company which produces these rods.


1978-1984           Shipbuilding - Higher Education Institute, Severodvinsk - Specialization: Mechanic engineer of power plants for vessels.

 Professional experience

1994 – to date       Invested the project of cylindrical rods' topic's    development. The head of the Company “Egyptian Rods”.

1992 —1994      Executive Director and owner of the firm “Monplaisir” to date Administrative, commercial and operational control over different spheres of the company, including a supermarket in St. Petersburg.

since 1986         Engineer at submarine building enterprise with specialization in nuclear reactor control, Severodvinsk 

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About The Egyptian Rods

Every time, finding out something new, but coming from past, we are surprised  by the wisdom of our ancestors. One example is the “ Egyptian Rods”.  It is the Ancient Tool recovered and reconstructed by Russian scientists. The work on it began in 1994 and now Rods are popular in Russia and abroad.

The Rods are constructed of two hollow cylinders, made of copper (for the right hand) and of zinc (for the left hand) with special fillings for each type. To improve the efficiency of The Rods, all the Rod's fillings are conditioned for 12 days in a 22-meter Pyramid built by A. Golod on lake Seliger.  This provides a significant molecular and energetic enhancement.

 Working with the Rods enhances the memory, the intuition, vision, and the immune system.  The body's  resistance to different diseases increases. The Rods are a proven means for the reduction of stress and fatigue and will increase the vitality of your organism.

When you work with Rods, there is a harmonization of the two main energetic streams, "Yin - Yang" .  This stimulates a clearing of the power channels, correction of the biofield of the person, and increases efficiency of chakra operation. As a result of this influence one can be cured of diseases, normally impossible to cure using traditional methods.  This is because the Rods operate Holistically, stimulating not just a particular organ but vitalizing the organism as a whole.

There  are three kinds of Rods:

If you have high blood pressure, joint pain, insomnia then the ideal helper will be the Rods-KONT.

If you tire easily, are under stress and pressure, and require an increase in your vitality then you need The Rods-QUARTZ **.

If you work regularly with other people (doctor, teacher etc.) holding the Rods-QUARTZ *** will return to you to vivacity and good mood in a few short minutes.

If you are a Healer, Energy Worker, or study Tsigun, Yoga and other bio-energetic practices ,then the Rods-CRYSTAL will help you. The Rods-CRYSTAL can be used by qualified practitioners as a tool for expanding consciousness, for reseting a person's energy, as the activator of latent capacities of the person.

Rods Kont works with your nervous system energy, "vital" force.
Rods-Crystal  and Rods-Quartz are  "Chi Energy" and mental technology.

Their use is simple:  You just hold the Rods in your hands for 10-15 minutes and they will stimulate your bio-field. Most everyone feels the effect of Rods. The degree feeling depends on purity of your power channels. If the channels are cleaner then sensitivity is higher. Some people feel warmth or coolness, a pulsation in the hands, a slight prickling, sometimes an increase in pulse-rate, and very occasionally dizziness. Others feel "flows" or "waterfalls" of energy washing over their bodies inside and out.  The people with wide experience of internal spiritual experiences often speak about  sensations in the crown or the third eye chakras.

The Egyptian Rods are instruments that help to increase the level vital energy in the people that use them. Several people have also commented  that on occasion when they use the Rods they experience the sensation of light inside their heads. This indicates that the Rods are activating the pineal gland.

The Egyptian Rods will open to you a road in the World of unknown secrets of your organism and Universe, will  learn you better understand Yourself,  improve Your health and physical condition.

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