Edward Gorouvein - CANADA - Mr. Gorouvein is a mechanical engineer with over 25 years of experience.  He has over 20 inventions and has been involved in pyramid research for over 10 years.  He has been working with Alexander Golod in Moscow researching and developing pyramids for research and healing.

15 years of research and experiments have allowed a group of scientist led by Alexander Golod to determine specific shape, size, and material of a pyramid, with which the pyramid's influence on the surrounding environment is most beneficial and harmonious. Such pyramid was named The Golden Section Pyramid. For the past 15 years, A. Golod has built over 20 such pyramids of different heights ranging from 17 to 136 feet, in different locations in Russia and Europe. Experiments carried out in them during this time include research in medicine, agriculture, radioactivity, superconductivity, chemical, electrical and other areas.

Edward Gorouvein has been developing and manufacturing pyramids based on Golod's design. His research shows that using these pyramids and other products which he has developed can bring you significant results.

NOTE: by Edward Gorouvein:
Golod's Pyramids are attracting a lot of attention and interest. Many people attempt to create pyramid models, similar to Golod's pyramids shapes and proportions, themselves. However, despite the seeming simplicity, it is not possible to build such a pyramid without a 'know-how'. You can purchase pyramid matrices, mini pyramids, or order a construction of a large size pyramids by visiting his web site at: