Rick Howard - WA - Discoverer of the e Proportion in the angles of the Great Pyramid and creator of the Triple-Triangle-Theory (TTT). Rick found that by unifying the Pi and Phi Proportions by way of the e Proportion, there emerges a very peculiar aspect in the equations of the TTT that undeniably link the Great Pyramid with hyper-dimensional geometry.

By nature an artist and musician, I have been fascinated by the Great Pyramid for over 20 years. The personal process that led me to the e proportion and Triple-Triangle-Theory is long and complicated but oddly enough it all started with the frequency 440 Hz. As you may or may not be aware 440 Hz is the tone the Kings Chamber was designed to amplify and was first made publicly known by Paul Horn then later confirmed by other investigators. Being a musician I'm fortunate because I discovered many years ago that I have perfect pitch, but strangely enough only to this 440 Hz frequency. This fact alone led me down a winding path of discovery. I began connecting the dots; (1) Kings Chamber resonates at 440 Hz, (2) Coffer inside the KC internally resonates at 440 Hz, (3) GP base = 440 cubits, (4) diagonal at elevation of KC = 440 cubits, plus two exceedingly close numbers that incorporate the transcendental math constants e, Pi and Phi; 140*Pi = 439.8229... and 100*e*Phi = 439.8272... it seemed a picture was trying to emerge. And a picture did emerge which turned out to be the Triple-Triangle-Theory a mathematically simple theory that took me years to piece together. 

The TTT makes use of two commonly known ratios long known with respect to the outer geometry of the Great Pyramid namely; the Pi and Phi proportions, and one that I found prior to the TTT that I call (appropriately) the e proportion. The e proportion is simply a ratio of two angles in the primary right triangle of the GP, and for reasons I still can't fathom this ratio has been sadly overlooked by Pyramid researchers down through history. When I discovered it I thought surely it would have been noted somewhere but my investigation to locate a reference to it has been fruitless. The number e (2.71828...) is the base of natural logarithms and wasn't discovered until early in the seventeenth century so its appearance in the GP to an astonishing two ten thousandths of a degree is curious, to say the least. The e proportion describes the 'shape' of the Great Pyramid but requires no dimensions. By definition it is a non-dimensional model because it requires no physical lengths of measure and was the missing link I had long sought after that would eventually tie the Pi and Phi proportions together. And it does so in a strange and beautiful equation that equates all three ratios perfectly to the number one.

I attended the Evergreen State College in Olympia WA where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications. I've since been working in the field of data processing and aspire to someday having my music heard. In the meantime I continue to investigate the addictive numbers of the Great Pyramid - always an endless source of wonder.