Steven Myers - OR - Independent antiquities scholar and author, Steven Myers is the founder of the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation. This non-profit organization is dedicated to researching and developing energy systems and related technologies used by ancient mankind and developing applications for these energy systems in today's world.

Steven Myers has authored his second book titled: The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine. This well illustrated book describes WHY the Great Pyramid was built! Myers details the purpose of the passages and chambers of the Great Pyramid and how they were utilized. Steven Myers contends that the Great Pyramid was built as a functioning machine and was infrastructure for the civilization which designed and built it. The Great Pyramid was not built at a huge expense but it was a wise investment for the people who built it. The Great Pyramid was a Prosperity Machine for the Original Builders and the high technology of this ancient wonder can be used to help our modern but very troubled world!

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Steven Myers is also the author of his first book titled: Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid. This book describes in detail how the Great Pyramid was assembled. With ample illustrations Steven Myers explains the procedures the Original Builders used to create mankind's most ancient wonder of the world. This fascinating process gives glory to the genius of the Original Builders of this ancient but highly advanced structure. His book can be acquired from most online bookstores. Below are a few convent links to receive Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid. His book can be acquired from most online bookstores. Below are a few convent links to receive Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid.

Directly from the Publisher (fastest way to receive book) USA Softcover or Kindle Edition!

Steven Myers is doing a virtual book signing of his books. To receive an autographed copy of Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid or The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine go to: Virtual Book Signing! PayPal is accepted!

The focus of our organization is to research, understand and recreate the construction procedures and original function of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The groundwork of our study is the body of research conducted by the late independent researcher and author Edward Kunkel. He was the author of the rare and obscure groundbreaking book called, Pharaoh's Pump, which contends the Great Pyramid was built to be a water pump.

Our headquarters and research facility are located in southwestern Oregon. We are conducting research and experimentation to redevelop the ancient yet ultra-advanced technologies associated with the Great Pyramid's construction and use. With a world filled with pollution, high energy costs, and widespread destabilize political and social unrest it has become apparent the true horrific costs of the energy systems we utilize today.

Our Mission Statement is to develop an alternative Energy System which does not require fossil fuel, is nonpolluting, human scaled, adaptable to home or farm use, produced by local cottage industry and relatively inexpensive.

The ancient builders of the Great Pyramid demonstrated to all generations which followed that they had the technology and energy system to move and lift millions of monolithic stones. Our organization is working to reestablish this versatile, fascinating, unique and extremely valuable energy system to our very troubled modern age.

Steven Myers is the author of numerous articles published throughout the world describing the lost ancient high technology used by the Ancients to build the Great Pyramid. He has been the guest of many radio talks shows, discussing the Great Pyramid and how it was built. His degree is related to fluid mechanics and holds the General Commercial Class Radiotelephone License from the FCC.

For more information about the research, goals and activities of Steven Myers and the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation please visit our web site or contact us.

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