I am Petros Petrosyan from Armenia.  I was born in 1962. In 1985 I graduated from Yerevan Engineering University. I am married and I have 2 children. Since 1988 I have been seriously interested in the problems connected with the origin and predestination of the pyramids. During these nearly 14 years I have thoroughly got acquainted with the whole history concerning the pyramids. I know the orthodox theory of the origin and predestination of the pyramids quite well. I am aware of the opinions of many pyramidologists as well. I must tell you that the official Egyptology is not always right in everything what concerns the origin and predestination of the pyramids. But its academic methods of thinking are close to my soul. Iím deeply convinced that Egyptology is wrong in the main point and this is in the following: Standing firm on the well-known Egyptological theory that pyramids are only mausoleums of pharaohs, they have utterly closed the door, through which the true decision of the given question had to enter. Pyramidology is right just in the main question thinking hypothetically, that the pyramid canít only be the mausoleum of a certain king. The stimulating motives bringing to such suppositions donít always give way to academic demands of modern science, however in the depths of such suppositions one may find a certain share of truth.

I must tell you, that I donít always agree with Pyramidology. But Iím frankly thankful to it for the spiritual impulse which changed my inner world and made me get at the heart of the matter-the truth. Egyptology helped me in the question of consistency and its academic character. As you know many pyramidologists from different countries support the hypothesis, according to which the pyramid is considered to be a coded message to mankind. I truly support this hypothesis and after long investigations having lasted for years,  tried to prove it with the help of my book ďPyramids: The Key to the Code of Self-DestructionĒ, which was published in 2002 in the ďEdit PrintĒ Publishing House in Armenia. ISBN 99930-935-2-1



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