Dr. Jingsheng Xu,Pharm.D.



School                                                                        Date                Degree     Major                    

Peking University (China)                   1997                B.S                  Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Peking University (China)                   2000                Pharm. D.       Pharmacy      


Board certified Pharmacist ( China ) , 2000



Xu , J. , Explore the Mystery of the Pyramid of Energy , 2006

Xu , J. , Pyramid Power and Health , 2007

Patent on a pyramid device Angle(Patent #ZL2004200073057 , China 2005)



19972006:                Assistant engineer and certified Pharmacist , Beijing second pharmacy Limited Inc.

1999 ~ present:           Chief Principle Scientist , in Chongqing SanZheng Medical care limited Inc.

Invented Pyramid Energy brain Rehabilitation Device (approved by China National Food and Drug Administration (SFDA).

2006 ~ present:           Founder and CEO of Pyramid Power Product Limited Inc. ( Beijing )



Dr. Xu started to gain interest in the mysterious structure of Egypt great pyramid when he was studying at Pharmacy school at Peking University . He started to design and research on pyramid energy.  Dr. Xu verified the existence of degeneration and dehydration processes inside the pyramid that can be utilized to be against natural process of slow oxidation.  With his medical background , Dr. Xu decided to focus his research on how pyramid energy slow down natural process of slow oxidation which can be applied to retard disease development and aging process.

Based on his research findings , Dr. Xu later built a practical medical device called “Pyramid Energy Brain Rehabilitation Device" using fiber reinforced plastics as the manufacturing material.  A clinical trial was conducted on the device and it was discovered that Pyramid Energy Generator could promote the tissue cell activity and help recovery of physical and emotional fatigue. Pyramid Energy Brain Rehabilitation Device was approved by China National Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) in 1999 to be used in clinic in stroke and its aftermath , cerebral arteriosclerosis , cerebral ischemia , high blood pressure , dizziness , headache , insomnia and loss of memory. So far Pyramid Energy Brain Rehabilitation Device has been under clinical trial on over 100 , 000 patients which showed significant positive treatment results. Lots of patient wrote letter to express their appreciations.

As Pyramid Energy Brain Generator can improve local blood circulationDr. Xu performed a trial on students’ test performance.  It was shown that the Pyramid Brain Energy Generator could improve the short term memory and thinking ability by showing a positive difference on the students’ examination scores.  Dr. Xu thus founded Pyramid Power Product Limited Inc. whose mission is to help patients with Pyramid Energy Brain Rehabilitation Device and to develop other pyramid energy medical devices.

Dr. Xu also published a book title “Explore the mystery of the pyramid of energy in 2006.  In this book , Dr. Xu wished to show his readers how to explore pyramid energy through his personal experiences.  His success and scientific achievements so far have demonstrated the utility of pyramid energy in memory , thinking , dream , sleep , and body energy that can potentially help millions of patients.