Sumit Saxena






Sumit Saxena is attempting to help and rectify all the confusion and general problems troubling man.  

In 1997 he started gathering information and studying the area of  VASTU.  He became an expert and gained a good reputation in India.  He has many clients and expanded his practice.

He is the author of the book "OORJA", which he  has dedicated to his father,  the Late Sh. Ajay Kumar Saxena of India.  What is very significant about this is that he is using pyramids in his practice and developing new ways of their application.   He has been developing the use of pyramids for over 6 years.

He has developed thousands of pyramids with different types of elements including diverse metals, wood, stones, and alloys.  He has also created new pyramids with electroplating using silver, gold, zinc, and copper.  They have been developed and are used at the "Vastupyra Research Centre in Kota, India.  At that center he is a Pyra vastu consultant who uses pyramid therapy with modern vastu science.  He is opening an entire near area of healing and health using pyramids in this fashion.

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His web site is\sumit.htm