Joe Parr's discovery of identifying Ley Lines scientifically may be the most important discovery substantiating the existence of this phenomena.  As far as I am aware this is the first scientific verification that these lines exist and can be quantified using scientific equipment. 

Ley Lines were first proposed back in 1921 by Alfred Watkins from England.  He noticed that ancient ruins appeared to fall in straight lines.  He also discovered that hilltops, churches, standing stones, castles, buried mounds, etc seemed to be connected by these lines.  His study of Ordnance Survey maps convinced him that these places were intentionally built along straight lines.  He was the first to call them Ley Lines and his work was first published in 1925 in a book entitled "The Old Straight Track".  What actually are Ley Lines?  No one knows for sure but some speculate that they are paths of unknown energy that run through the earth in straight lines.  They also speculate that people from our ancient past had means of identifying these lines through a psychic sense or primitive apparatus (like a dowsing rod) and were attracted to these sites.  Thus, they would build their monuments or have their religious sites associated with these lines.  Up to now, the study of Ley lines has been categorized as a psychic or paranormal phenomena and placed in the same category as dowsing.   Joe Parr's discovery brings new hope to this area.  If these Ley Lines can be scientifically identified, it would open the door to further studies and knowledge about this phenomena.  Joe Parr has once again brought new scientific light to an area that has been dormant for many years and I hope this area continues to be investigated by Joe Parr and other scientists.

John DeSalvo,  Ph.D., Director
Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association



On January 25, 1987 a field survey was conducted for Bethe Hagens, Professor of Anthropology, Governors State University, Illinois. The survey was for the "Planetary Grid System" mapping of Ley lines. Up until this date there has been no physical evidence that these lines exist, except on maps. Dr. Hagen's jumped at the chance to have somebody volunteer to take sophisticated equipment into the field to a location where she indicated two of these lines crossed. To take measurements inside and  outside could actually prove they exist. The location chosen was in the valley near Bakersfield California. A General Radio Fast Fourier Spectrum Analyzer was used with an air dielectric large coil of wire. All readings were taken at fixed locations with the coil laying flat on the ground 30 feet from the analyzer. Readings were taken at locations like; 
Gorman, Mettler, Fort Tijon, Hungry Valley road and Templio road.  Signal levels below -80 db were recorded from 1 Hz to 32 Hz and 146 Hz to 152 Hz. There was no noted variation on any reading, inside or outside the theorized lines

Studies with the Pyramid shape have shown during specific times the shape is sensitive to 90 Hz. To test this  a receiver tuned to 90 Hz with 3 db points at +/- 1 Hz was built. The receiver had a gain of 135 db. When  completed the receiver monitored a pyramid for months without even the slightest whisper! Another bust!

A trip to Las Vegas was planned with a fellow Ham radio operator and it was decided to take the coil from the survey and mount it on the vehicle roof, install the receiver inside with headphones and the co-pilot could amuse himself. The end result for the most part was silence except out on the desert while driving 70 mph, the silence would  occasionally be broken by a noise lasting a few seconds. Another bust.

It wasn't till an e-mail entitled; Tapping the Aethers Spin Power was forwarded to me. In the report he mentioned a momentum of 91.66 rps. Suddenly the above information came back to me. A Ley line could be like a magnets field, it does no work until you cross it! A Ley line may never betray it's location without crossing it fast enough to induce a voltage into a large enough coil. 90 Hz might have indicated a specific line width.  Dr. Hagens indicated that some lines could be miles across.

From study of the Orb certain similarities could exist to the Ley lines. For example; The boundary of the Orb which separates the inside from our space on the outside has one interesting feature. You can pass through the boundary to the inside without even a slight whimper, but as you depart and re-enter our side a reaction occurs causing the Orb to vibrate over it's full surface area. Since space inside the Ley line must be identical to that outside it would explain why only occasional signals would be detected as one drove through the boundaries.

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