Searching for the Truth

By Dennis Balthaser

Searching For the Truth

(Always Telling the Truth, Means Never Having to Remember Anything)


Defending My Credibility

For several years now I have considered myself fortunate to not have been exposed to many serious attacks by skeptics, debunkers, critics or witnesses for the research Iíve done on this controversial subject of UFOs. Whenever one chooses to be involved in a subject such as the Roswell Incident and other high profile UFO cases, government cover-ups, conspiracies, etc., you have to expect from time to time that your research will be questioned. Iíve always accepted that possibility, and tried to emphasize that my objective in being public through lectures or editorials is to enlighten people using the information gathered from witnesses and the research that has been done by myself and other investigators. Iíd be the first to recognize that any information has to be verified and there are numerous ways of doing that, which would be considered ethical, honest and respectful. Unfortunately there are other ways also, which I have recently experienced. These include; not confronting me directly, questioning my credibility, or worse, ignoring questions Iíve asked and being selective in responding to those questions.

Recently I have been "sucked in" to the latter, and I refuse to lower my standards of research to those individuals. This is not an editorial that I looked forward to composing, but due to certain events that recently transpired, I felt it was time to comply with the quote I use in my lectures, editorials and have on my web site

"Always Telling the Truth, Means Never Having to Remember Anything".

I will mention names in this editorial because thatís my style, and those mentioned, have the right to dispute or challenge what Iím saying, keeping in mind that I will be quoting from correspondence I have in my file from them. The Ufology community in my opinion has no need or use for the methods demonstrated by certain individuals, to accomplish their goal, (whatever that goal might be). To quote a few of Stanton Friedmanís comments about these type individuals:

"If you canít attack the data, attack the people. Itís easier".

"Donít bother me with facts, my mind is made up".

Iím also well aware that I will not, (by writing this editorial), change the methods used by certain individuals, nor can I stop them from doing what they do. I can let you know however, that it does exist and that I am personally not pleased with it. These tactics for obtaining or disseminating information are by no means limited to only researchers either. There are many cases of witnesses embellishing their information or refusing to answer key questions presented to them, and knowingly not telling the truth. So those of us that try to remain objective, truthful and trustworthy, continually battle with the other ones that choose to ignore questions, or give responses that have very little if any factual basis. Maybe they are part of the overall plan, to keep the water muddied and the real truth from being known. In this editorial I will refer to three individuals that have demonstrated some of these methods clearly to me recently.

The first is a method used by a co-researcher, which I approve of and even though we have major differences of opinion, we were able to communicate without insinuating any charges or implications against each other and discussing facts in a method beneficial to each of us.

Karl Pflock is a well-known researcher and author that has over the years made statements about the Roswell Incident that I have not always agreed with. At the March, 2002 Aztec, New Mexico Symposium, I had an opportunity to discuss several of those points with Karl privately, since I was Master of Ceremonies and we were both lecturerís for that event. I presented my "Interception" lecture about my experience with alleged United States Air Force, Office of Special Investigation agents preventing me from obtaining a piece of metal from the Roswell craft, when I traveled to Oklahoma in June 1997, to obtain it. In that lecture, I mention that one of the agents told me "they were headquartered at Langley, Virginia" and in my lecture I comment, "we all know that Langley is the home of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)". After my presentation, Mr. Pflock came up to me and we discussed the fact that Langley Virginia and Langley Air Force Base are two separate agencies located in two different geographical locations in Virginia. I agreed, and informed Karl that I would make that change in my lecture for future presentations. My point being that Karl Pflock and I were able to agree in a respectful manner, with no accusations toward me or the information I presented, by confronting the issue with each other directly. I respect that. Mr. Pflock and I still may not agree on what happened in Roswell in 1947, but on this particular issue we were able to resolve it in a gentlemanly fashion, by Karl coming directly to me with his concern about my statement.

On the other side of my concern, Phil Klass, another well-known researcher and author, who many of us have referred to for years as a "debunker or skeptic" (and we need those), has chosen to take a method I personally do not approve of. I had never been in direct communication with Klass in all the years Iíve been researching Roswell and other UFO related topics. All of a sudden out of the blue, on April 25, 2002, I receive an email from him complimenting me on my web site and he asked me three questions.

What prompted me to give up my position with the Roswell UFO Museum in 1998?

Did I first give my "Interception" lecture in October 1997 to a Roswell Museum Audience?

What was the reaction to my story by Roswell Incident "experts" such as Kevin Randle, Don Schmitt, Stan Friedman and others?

Rather odd questions I thought, since all were referring to something that happened to me 4 or 5 years ago. I responded honestly in a 2-page reply also asking him twice, "what prompted the questions from him"? I was even more surprised by his response; "many thanks for your prompt, candid reply." I challenged that response and requested a more detailed explanation from him, since I felt he was prying for some reason, after all the time that had elapsed since I left the museum or experienced the "Interception". His brief second reply indicated he had missed my questions. (As I mentioned before, some researchers and witnesses prefer to ignore specific questions, as Klass did in this case). He did say that he had only recently discovered my Roswell involvement, thanks to James Bond Johnson and my web site. James Bond Johnson took the photographs in General Rameyís office in 1947, while working for the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Bond had remarked in an email to me that, "Phil Klass was usually a pretty good researcherÖbut not perfect". I challenged that statement from Bond, because for years serious researchers have had a problem with Mr. Klassís debunking statements about Roswell and UFOs, as was apparent in some of the responses Klass had given to questions posed by Bond in earlier emails. Apparently Johnson forwarded my remarks to Klass, without the courtesy of informing me he had done so, and the prying by Klass began.

Klass also told me in subsequent emails that he was suspicious of my June (1997) Oklahoma "tale", and questioned my statements to him about how many people had heard the telephone tape recordings I have from the "Interception" experience, and how many people I said were present in the Oklahoma restaurant when I met the alleged USAF, OSI agents in June 1997.

A few days later I was made aware of the fact that not only was my 1997 "Interception" experience being challenged by Klass, with no knowledge of what is on the telephone recordings I have, or the fact that he wasnít in the restaurant in Oklahoma for the 3 Ĺ hour meeting with the alleged agents as I was. Klass contacted Nuclear Physicist and researcher Stanton Friedman, asking him, "what is your assessment of the June 1997 incident in Oklahoma tale told by Dennis Balthaser at his October 1997 lecture at the Roswell Museum?" And " Do you believe his tale or not?" Mr. Friedman, who knows the details of the "Interception" responded that, "he does indeed believe my tale of what happened". Klass followed up that email to Mr. Friedman, with another stating, "Iím NOT clear as to whether you believe Dennis Balthaser is a hoaxer or telling the truth about his meeting with the two USAF, OSI agents for 3+ hours in a public restaurant where they allegedly talked about Top Secret Info." Mr. Friedmanís response again stated that, he is convinced that Iím telling the truth about my experience and he has no way of knowing whether the people with whom I met worked for USAF, OSI, which coincides with my statements at the end of my lecture.

I donít know who I dealt with for a 6 month period on the telephone and in person, nor what their motive was, but I do know that what I reported on my web-site and in the "Interception" lecture is factually what I saw and heard, from 5 or 6 different individuals claiming to be United States Air Force, Office of Special Investigation agents, and I was not able to meet the people I intended to meet or get the piece of metal I went to Oklahoma to get.

In conclusion, Mr. Klass has again demonstrated that itís easier to attack the person than the data by insinuating that my experience is a "tale", and questioning others about whether I might be a hoaxer or not telling the truth, even though he wasnít in Oklahoma with me when I experienced the "Interception". I stand firmly on my credibility and respectfully request that it not be challenged unless factual material can be provided to prove it otherwise and then present it to me openly, not blindsided.

Dennis G. Balthaser


(Always Telling the Truth, Means Never Having to Remember Anything)


The Pyramids: Are They Really Egyptian?

The Great Pyramid of Giza has intrigued us for centuries with such questions as, "do the pyramids have mystical powers", "were they actually built as tombs for Pharaohs", and the most intriguing question often raised is, "who actually built the pyramids"? These and other questions about the pyramids continue to interest us to this day. There are several organizations or groups pondering these very questions, and one of those is the "Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association"

John DeSalvo PhD is the Director of this fairly new association, which already has over 3,000 members and an advisory board consisting of 20 prominent individuals interested in researching the pyramids. Those board members come from a wide variety of backgrounds including, authors, Egyptologists, Theoretical Physicist, Scientists, and Engineers, from Ireland, France, India, the United States, and most recently Russia. Their contributions to this research are too numerous to list in this short editorial, however they have included research in identifying the finger prints of Egyptian mummies and correlations to DNA studies, an Emmy award for the documentary, "Mystery of the Sphinx" hosted by Charlton Heston, a discovery that the pyramids affect gamma rays, correlating Bible Prophecy and the great pyramid, and books entitled, "Pyramid Power", "The Travelers Key to Ancient Egypt", "The Giza Power Plant", and others.

My interests over the years have included the pyramids, and due to my civil engineering background, I have often wondered who built them, why were they built, and when? In November 2001, Dr. DeSalvo contacted me and invited me to join the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association advisory board, since he and several others on the board had a desire to create a new area of research for the association. Since retiring from the Texas Department of Transportation in 1996 and moving to Roswell, NM, my devotion to research in Ufology has been primarily dedicated to the 1947 Roswell Incident, Underground Bases and Area 51. My involvement with the pyramid association will now open up even more challenging possibilities in my goal of finding the truth.

For years we have been led to believe that the pyramids are 4,000 to 5,000 years old, and that the Egyptians were responsible for building them. I have always questioned that time frame. The technology required to construct them not only due to their size, (some stones weighing as much as 70 tons), the accuracy in construction of each block and overall dimensions, as well as the location of the pyramids are all factors that need explaining to understand how they came to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the only one still remaining after all this time. With our modern technology today we would have a difficult time building a structure as detailed and accurate as the pyramids. Whoever built them had advanced knowledge of sub-base conditions, because after all this time with that much weight concentrated in one area, they should have begun to show signs of descending into the surrounding surface, and they have not. To my knowledge there are no detailed records within the pyramids referring to how they were built or who built them. The original surface on the Giza pyramid had casing stones covering it and was believed to be visible from the moon or in space due to its reflectivity, but that surface was removed about 600 years ago by the Arabs, for use in the construction of other structures. The Giza pyramids are unique when compared with the other pyramids in Egypt and other countries around the world. The detail and accuracy of construction is just not there in the others.

Many researchers today believe the Giza pyramids could be as old as 10,000 to 30,000 years,

which would mean pre-Egyptian. If that is the case, who built them? Much of this belief is derived from the fact that we now believe the erosion on the Sphinx was not caused by wind and sand as is prominent in recent environmental history conditions, but rather that the deteriation may have been caused by water, and there hasnít been that volume of water in Egypt for at least 10,000 years. Could the Sphinx originally have had a lionís head that was later changed to a Pharaohís face by the Egyptians? Could the Giza pyramids have been built by a pre-Egyptian civilization and utilized as tombs for the Pharaohs? The challenge for researchers to answer just these few questions is overwhelming.

Why then would an association like the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association be interested in having a Ufologist on their board? Simply put, if the pyramids are pre-Egyptian who built them? Many in the UFO community have theorized for some time that extraterrestrials might have been involved, and Iím emphasizing that is theory. At this point we donít know, but if that possibility exists we have an obligation to research it. Many of you will not agree with this theory and I respect that, but we must be given the opportunity to at least research it. Many will also believe that before we can prove that extraterrestrials were involved in the construction of the pyramids, we must prove that extraterrestrials exist at all, so my work is cut out for me.

I have in the short time Iíve been involved with the association, begun obtaining information related to this research and I look forward to, (and in fact solicit), anyone interested or having knowledge to become involved or share information with me. One prominent UFO researcher has offered his team of scientist and investigators to me, to help with any research I pursue in this area. He has shown me an x-ray photograph of an Egyptian child mummy, that definitely resembles the skull of what many believe the gray aliens look like, with a triangular shaped chin area and elongated eye sockets. Much more analysis and research must of course be done, but this is the type of information needed to begin answering the many questions we have, and Iím hopeful that others will come forward.

Another researcher has copyrighted the last interview done with Major Jesse Marcel before his death. Major Marcel was the intelligence officer at the Roswell Army Airfield in 1947 when the alleged Roswell Incident occurred. In that interview Marcel drew symbols of what he remembered the writing on the crash debris "I beams" looking like. Ironically, those symbols are very similar to demotic (not to be confused with demonic) hieroglyphics, one of several forms of hieroglyphics known. Itís my desire to work with that researcher and have some hieroglyphics "expert" compare the symbols.

Proving the pyramids are pre-Egyptian is a monumental task for anyone to undertake, but with the information being presented and the scientific research being done, it is not an impossibility and in fact may be a probability. Perhaps the most difficult task would be convincing the Egyptians themselves that their direct ancestors did not build their pyramids. That will not sell well with the tourism industry of Egypt, but to me, knowing the truth is more important than that. I just happen to be one of those individuals that is not satisfied with what weíve been told over the years on many topics and Iím willing to come out of my box that I grew up in, to help find the truth on these subjects.

Iím extremely encouraged by some of the comments I received from other board members and researchers after being invited on the advisory board, and hope that you, by reading this, will join us in our quest to find the truth.

Dennis G. Balthaser



Dennis Balthaser Invited to join "Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association"  Advisory Board

Roswell UFO researcher Dennis Balthaser was recently invited and accepted an invitation to join the 19 member advisory board of the ďGreat Pyramid of Giza Research AssociationĒ. Balthaser will have the title ďCoordinator of Ufology related to the great PyramidĒ, according to John DeSalvo, PhD, and Director of the research group based out of Minnesota. 

Balthaser is a long time researcher of Ufology primarily investigating, researching and lecturing about the 1947 Roswell Incident, Area 51 and Underground Bases. His background includes 36 years in civil engineering work (3 years in an Army Engineering Battalion and 33 years as a supervisor for the Materials and Tests Division of the Texas Department of Transportation). During his military and civilian engineering career, he worked in Greenland twice, Korea once, and South Africa three times, in addition to inspecting materials for Texas in 37 states. When he retired in 1996, he moved from El Paso, Texas to Roswell to pursue his long time interest in Ufology. He was associated with the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell from 1996 until 1998. Today he is an independent researcher and lecturer with an award winning web site

 During the past five years, Balthaser has been involved in numerous UFO related TV documentaries, and has done between 200 and 300 media interviews about Ufology.

According to the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association Director John DeSalvo, the announcement of Balthaser as a new advisory board member and the creation of a new area of research for the association is a ďmust for study and explorationĒ. He also indicated to the other board members that, ďBalthaser will be doing research in the future to look at the possibility of the pyramids having more than Egyptian involvementĒ. It is now believed by many researchers that the pyramids may be much older than previously thought, possibly dating back to pre-Egyptian time. 

Balthaser indicated that his other interests over the years have included the pyramids, and he will now have the opportunity to do research in that area, along with some of the best researchers in the world on this subject, that includes authors, independent Egyptologists, Theoretical and Optical Physicists and Senior Scientists from Ireland, France, India and the United States. 

The Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, currently has over 3000 members and is the worldís largest research organization and number one web site for information on the Great Pyramid of Giza.