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The Pyramid Code

Part 1. The Great Pyramid and the Sun-Earth-Moon System

Taken from The Real Stargate

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Between the years 1936 and 1951, the esoteric initiate, philosopher and mathematician, Schwaller de Lubicz, lived in Egypt, and while there he made an intense study of the Temple of Luxor at Thebes.

His knowledge of esoteric disciplines and his skill in mathematics – which he applied to the often painstaking and meticulous measuring of the temple site – brought him to the conclusion that the temple’s design incorporated the knowledge and location of the endocrine glands, the Hindu Chakras and the Chinese acupuncture points. This conclusion, together with the astronomical alignments he had observed, revealed that the temple was a symbol of the universe in human form.

He argued that the science employed in the design and construction of the temple was so far in advance of what can be explained by the slow, step-by-step, acquisition of knowledge, that the symbolic statements hidden in its design could only have been the legacy of some highly advanced culture that existed far back in antiquity.

Most important to my own discoveries and theories about the Great Pyramid of Giza – which I would emphasise, had come to me long before I had known of de Lubicz’ work – is his theory that the Triple Sanctuary in the Temple of Luxor corresponds to the skull and its "three" endocrine glands. He wrote that these three glands also represented the Triad adopted by virtually every major religion around the world.

The Triad – and its symbol (a simple triangle) was also adopted by the Sufi mystic Gurdjieff, and has now become familiar to us via his own system in which he referred to its hidden principle as the ‘Law of Three.’

The esoteric meaning of the Triad is really quite simple to understand.

In terms of opposites, the two base points of the Triad are Positive (male) and Negative (female.) The apex is Neutral – being the point of fusion where both the positive and negative energies become cancelled out as one pure energy.

The Triad also has its expression in the Sacred Mount – which as we will see, is represented in the building of the Great Pyramid. As one climbs the seven-levelled mount – which is really a metaphor for spinal column; its seven chakras and the ascending-and inclining frequencies of one’s consciousness – one will experience the two opposite sides of one’s nature – expressed in the Triad – coming closer together – converging and becoming One at the apex.

In terms of the brain, the ancients recognised the Triad as formed by the Pineal (male,) the Pituitary (female,) and the Thalamus and Massa Intermedia – the Neuter or ‘Neutral Point.’

The Thalamus represents the apex of one’s divided energies where both become one. Curiously the Thalamus is the central part of the brain and receives and organises all sensory information – as if acting like a "gateway" or ‘valve’ by regulating the amount of energy/information that one is sensing, perceiving and experiencing. The Massa Intermedia, which is right smack-bang in the centre of the brain, is where the two hemispheres of the brain are joined together – again showing that the centre of the Thalamus represents the point where the opposites are joined together as One.

Again, a fusion experience at this centre of the brain – experienced as the enlightenment associated with what the Hindus call a ‘Kundalini Awakening’ - means that the individual receives all energy/information at once. In essence, one’s consciousness has drawn everything back into it and has again become like the ‘proto-atom’ that seeded the universe via the "big bang" – all energy-information superimposed at once. One knows and understands everything at once and in a fraction of time which also seems like an eternity. Though it sounds too fantastic to be true, this describes the experience exactly.

Such a fusion experience can alter and drastically change the pattern of the individual’s consciousness and so in effect, after the experience one has become "reborn" – resurrected – in the sense that the individual understands a lot more about oneself and the nature of reality than did previously.

There are two aspects to Alchemy: 1,) the transformation of matter – as say from base matter to the higher elements such as gold. And 2,) the ‘Great Work,’ which is the ‘work on oneself’ by trying to induce the Kundalini through the fusion of one’s opposite energies. This fusion between the male and female opposites is known as the ‘Chemical Wedding’ of the King and Queen. The word ‘chemical’ is an obvious reference to the chemical secretions of the glands.

This fusion also has its correspondence in sexual coitus – which is mystically expressed via the Tantric tradition. The sexual rituals practiced by those who work with the darker side of the occult, is a corruption of these Tantric principles.

Our ancestors understood that man’s consciousness actually creates the patterns of the surrounding reality via a process similar to the procreative process – meaning that our consciousness is going through the same fission (division) and fusion process every instant.

However, it was also understood that we are usually unconscious at the point of fusion – which is happening every fraction of second – which is why the patterns we experience everyday tend to repeat themselves in never-ending cycles. Being unconscious at the crucial point in the process means that we only ever know division, and this division accounts for our ‘dual perception’ of the world and the dualities we experience in everyday situations.


For the Egyptians, the male and female opposites were expressed through their pantheon of gods and goddesses – the last Triad being the god Osiris (male principle) and the goddess Isis (female principle.) The Neuter resulting from their sexual fusion was Horus – their son – who is really Osiris reborn . . . resurrected.

Again these gods also personify the glands as well as the thalamus in the brain. Osiris representing the pineal gland; Isis representing the pituitary gland, and Horus representing the Thalamus centre of the brain – which to the ancients was the Third Eye. The popular "new-age" notion that the pineal gland represents the Third Eye is inaccurate. The Third Eye opens only when ‘conscious’ fusion takes place between the opposites. In terms of the brain these opposites are the essences relating to both the pineal and the pituitary glands.

I have discovered that these principles were designed into the Great Pyramid of Giza and are part of a hidden code which hasn’t seen the light of day for thousands of years – possibly not since the time it was constructed.

How did I come to understand the above?

Well, in 1993 I actually experienced the same Kundalini phenomenon; the same enlightening experience – which I say inspired those who designed and built the Great Pyramid.

Now, in trying to get my work published, various agents and people in the literary world have advised me to write about my insights and discoveries only and drop any mention of my own experiences or the part they play in it, or it would reduce my reading audience considerably and no-one would take me seriously.

In this article I have decided to ‘drop’ this advice and go with my instinct to get this part of my life across to people, because I want it known that my insights and my discovery of an undeniable "fact" about the Great Pyramid – (which I am about to divulge in this series of articles) – was the result of the same experience which had inspired our ancestors to build it in the first place. This "fact" will give credibility to my own experiences and the nature of the Kundalini phenomenon in general. In light of this ‘fact,’ then like it or not, people will have to take me and these kinds of experiences seriously, because with all their academic qualifications and scholarly credentials, the Egyptologists and even the alternative "new-age" researchers have overlooked this fact about the Great Pyramid.

I was born April 6th 1957. Paul was born five years later on January 9th 1962. We were both brought-up in a working-class family living in Peckham south-east London – both of us only ever had a comprehensive school education. Due to our so-called "common" background we were both fairly ignorant about a lot of things. My brother especially, was skeptical about the paranormal and had no interest in mystical or metaphysical subjects.

On June 7, 1991 Paul experienced something he called the "energy phenomenon." Paul’s life was never the same afterwards. This "awakening" experience changed him as well as those around him.

Paul said that he felt the vibrations of a "powerful energy" concentrated along his spine which had coursed its way up and down the full length of his body. He then felt the oscillations of this energy gain in frequency ending suddenly with a "bright white, explosive flash" in the centre of the head.

My own encounter with this ‘energy phenomenon’ happened some two years later in November 1993 and was very similar to my brother’s core-experience.

After some in-depth investigation which spanned the vast field of paranormal and mystical phenomena, we both discovered that the phenomenon we had experienced was related to what some people called a "Kundalini Awakening" . . .

Again, Kundalini’ is an ancient Sanskrit term given to a rare experience associated with ‘illumination’ or ‘enlightenment.’ Although it is virtually unknown here in the West, Kundalini has been responsible for man’s religious impulses throughout history.

In the East, skilled Yogis can spend a lifetime trying to reach the enlightenment associated with a ‘Kundalini Awakening’ via the disciplined practice of Yoga – most of them never reaching their goal. However, I discovered that this experience is now happening to more and more people in the West and spontaneously – without any prior knowledge or instruction.

During the climax of this experience it was as if my consciousness had journeyed back to the seed-point of existence – i.e., the ‘proto-atom’ that seeded the universe in the "big-bang." My head felt like it had "exploded" in a shower of sparks; pure light energy which seemed to radiate throughout the universe. In that split-second I seemed to understand everything at once. Everything had become more simplified in its meaning; and all being contained, superimposed and ‘fused’ within a ‘centrepoint.’

I suppose that having this knowledge come to me all at once, was a primary experience to maybe ‘shock’ the mind from its "sleep" – i.e., its focus on superficial concerns. Immediately afterwards, what I had perceived in an instant began to fade – evading any kind of ‘permanent grasp’ being attempted by my conscious-self or ego: the only purpose of the experience being that it "jolted" and shocked the ego into acknowledging some tremendous power that existed beyond itself.

It would seem that what I had seen all at once in that experience then came to me much more slowly over the years. It was as if I had captured a glimpse of what I would come to understand in the future. I then began thinking about this experience and realised that experience of the ‘Kundalini’ is one’s experience of having captured the ‘Eternal Now’ or ‘Present’ where all the energy and information pertaining to the universe – both past and future – seems to collapse together at one point – being the centre of one’s consciousness. I discovered that this centre is connected to, and is the same as the ‘Collective Centre’ – identified with the ‘Source of Creation.’

As a result of my own experiences, I began to write down the insights that were coming to me everyday. I followed up the notes I made with some in-depth research, and discovered that a lot of what I had come to had already been preserved in the esoteric literature pertaining to the various mystery schools. To my amazement I also found that I had made some new connections and discoveries and could apply my insights to many different disciplines of established knowledge – recognising the very thing that seemed to connect the main principles relating to each of these different disciplines – together.

I then began looking at our reality more closely and found that the ‘Eternal Now’ is in everything within us and around us – but that we are ‘unconscious’ of it . . . ‘It’ occupying a ‘blind spot’ in our consciousness. I then began to understand that all our esoteric knowledge stems from a time when our ancestors understood all this from the knowledge gathered by the shaman who had experienced the Kundalini phenomenon, and so sought to develop a ‘system of knowledge’ based on their desire to capture the ‘Eternal Now’ in the cycles and consciously. I have gone deeply into this system of knowledge in my own work and have outlined the techniques used.

Anyway, it was during November 1997 that I received one of the most important insights connected with the Kundalini experience I had in 1993. It was early morning and I was in the kitchen having just filled the kettle to make a cup of coffee. I remember standing with my arms folded leaning back on the work surface waiting for the water to boil. I was thinking about the Triad symbol as it was something I had been working on recently.

For a few seconds my mind was void and then it occurred to me; suddenly and "out of the blue" that The Great Pyramid of Giza – although obviously pyramid in shape – is a gigantic representation of the human skull.

Again, consistent with Eastern traditions, this insight of mine was based on the ancient esoteric understanding of the power centres within the brain and as I said, knowledge about these centres only became familiar to me after that extraordinary experience in 1993 that changed my life.


It was after looking at the illustrations found in a book about Alchemy (Figure 1) that insights into the purpose and function of the Great Pyramid came to me. This was strange because the mystery surrounding the Great Pyramid was not something I intended to research – the last thing I wanted was for my work to join the queue of "crank" theories. My thoughts were that these insights would suffice as an interesting ‘sideline’ to the subjects I was already researching in relation to my own experiences. I then put these insights about the Great Pyramid aside and continued to concentrate on other areas of my research.

Throughout the next five years my research would keep bringing me back to the Great Pyramid and the Giza complex – and finally in the last few months of 2002, I decided to look more deeply into it, and began drawing up the Great Pyramid to scale so that I could examine it more closely in regard to my earlier insights about the glands in the brain.

My discoveries I will outline in part two of this series of articles because although the chamber/gland theory came to me first, it forms the second part of the code. For now we will concentrate on the first part of the code which came to me around Christmas 2002, through an amazing synchronicity which resulted in my having to correct a mistake I made as to the measurements of the Great Pyramid. In correcting this mistake the following discovery jumped out at me.

As you will see, this discovery is not a theory but a ‘fact’ that many people have overlooked – even those who have done in-depth research into the Great Pyramid over the past 100 years or so.


The First Part of the Code

The first diagram shows the Earth Moon system as it is positioned on the Sun’s Ecliptic Plane. All the planets orbit the Sun on or near the Sun’s ecliptic plane.





















2. The Sun-Earth-Moon Dynamic


Now let’s take the above diagram and mirror it, and then turn it right by 90 degrees, so as to show how it would look from the Sun’s perspective as it rises in the East. We will also show the Great Pyramid’s location on the Earth.


3. The Earth-Moon system from the Perspective of the Sun

as it rises in the East

Please note that the Moon’s size and position is not to scale. I would ask the reader to consult the inserted picture in diagram 1 to view the relative size and distance of the Earth and Moon.

Ok, now let’s superimpose this diagram over the cross-sectioned plan of the Great Pyramid to see what we get.




4. The Great Pyramid and the Sun-Earth-Moon Dynamic Superimposed

As we can see the two diagrams fit perfectly and this reveals a fact about the Great Pyramid that we have all overlooked until now.

The way the pyramid fits the Sun-Earth-Moon dynamic cannot really be refuted and is as "clear as day." I am perplexed that no-one has stumbled onto this. I have searched the Internet, and have looked through some well-researched books on the subject and can find nothing that compares to this hidden design – which means that no-one – as far as I know – is actually aware of this about the Great Pyramid – i.e., that the Ecliptic Plane, the Earth’s Equator and Polar Axis intersect the King's Chamber, and that when both the cross-sectioned diagram of the Great Pyramid and the Earth-Moon system are superimposed, then the location of the Great Pyramid on the Earth – shown as 30 degrees from the Equator – IS POINTING UP AT THE APEX!

What you are looking at is the ‘Key’ to the hidden code contained in the Great Pyramid, which I am about to reveal. If true, then what this code is pointing to is going to be breath-taking in its consequences. I’m afraid this will turn everything on its head and will upset a lot of people who still maintain that the Great Pyramid was a tomb.

Maybe I am presuming too much at this stage, but I would say that the way the Great Pyramid lines up with the Earth-Moon system is a fact that cannot be disputed by Egyptologists, scholars or academics.

I would emphasise that the Great Pyramid was not designed to be a tomb – and I now have proof of this in this superimposed picture. This does not rule out the possibility that it may have been used as a tomb many years later.

I say that the Great Pyramid contains a code and stands as some kind of monumental almanac to a lost civilisation.

The Great Pyramid sits on the 6.5 degree line from the Ecliptic Plane, which begins from the centre of the King’s Chamber and goes through the centre of the apex.

The 5 degree line which shows the Moon’s orbital incline to the Ecliptic, also begins from the centre of the King’s Chamber and ‘clips’ the south edge of the old capstone which is said to have always been absent from the structure. If so, then this gives a reading of 28.5 degrees – i.e., 23.5 degrees from the Equator, plus 5 degrees, equals 28.5 degrees.

The Great Pyramid sits on the 30th parallel – being almost 30 degrees north from the Equator. The Moon is at its most northerly position during the Summer Solstice, being 28.5 degrees, and at its most southerly position during the Winter Solstice – again 28.5 degrees.

What the Great Pyramid is telling us is that there may have been a time when the poles were upright and a year was 360 days – which is where we get our 360 degree circle. If so then the Moon’s orbit may have been on the Ecliptic giving a 30 day month – a time when every month began with a Solar Eclipse and ended with a Lunar Eclipse. This time may have been the "Golden Age" when everything was centred and in perfect equillibrium.

However, now the Moon averages a 28.5 day month – being the number of days it takes to go through its phases as it goes around the zodiac.

Perhaps this is why the capstone has always been missing; by being absent the south edge of the old capstone acted as the apex point – giving the measurement of 28.5 degrees – i.e., 28.5 days to a month.

The real meaning in this first part of the code is that the King's Chamber represents the core-centre of the Earth' – and for more reasons than one, as the King’s Chamber acts as a reference point for another location on the Earth.

But if the King’s Chamber was meant to represent the core-centre of the Earth, then what purpose does the Queen’s Chamber serve? Of course one could say that the position of the Queen’s Chamber serves to help align the Equatorial Plane – which it does . . . but it also serves another purpose as we will see in Part Two.



Gary Osborn  


Continues in Part Two.





1. Emblem 2 from Barchusen, Elementa chemiae, Leiden, 1718.

2. Diagram by Gary Osborn. Copyright © G Osborn. 2002. All Rights Reserved.

3. Diagram by Gary Osborn. Copyright © G Osborn. 2002. All Rights Reserved.

4. Diagram by Gary Osborn. Copyright © G Osborn. 2002. All Rights Reserved.