By Joe Parr

            After coming down from the Great Pyramid top in 1977, following an overnight stay, I decided to join the growing number of people trying to discover: “What 2,000,000 custom carved blocks were really for.”

            During a return trip to the Antarctic in 1978, equipped with a Pyramid Products "Energy Array", one pack of blades for my razor, their laboratory equipment, and a lot of free time during the long winter nights...Soon the Gamma-Ray Transducer was born.
            After returning to the States, an intense 18 month effort was made using certified radioactive sources. After air ions were discovered as an energy source around the Pyramid, the secrets began to make themselves known. Up to 9 experiments ran simultaneously and data was collected every 12 hours, to the exact minute each time.
            The investigation bubble burst on December 4, 1979. Simultaneously, every experiment, except one, stopped working! Within 7 days, the transducers only indicated the half-life level of the particular isotope used! The experiment that didn't stop, had been rotating 5 degrees every 10 days. 25 years later, I can safely say: The mechanism that influenced these Pyramids to switch OFF is located somewhere in the center of our galaxy!
            It took 3 years to develop the Pyramid Centrifuge and locate a DC motor large enough to drive it to the calculated speed. The first Centrifuge was like a Model "T" Ford, very basic. When 2500 RPM's was reached, on September 17, 1983, a loud explosion was heard. When the machine was shut down and cover removed, I discovered my arm was "wiped clean." Four Pyramids and a CS137 isotope were surgically removed. At the time, I didn't know what had happened. After 55 such experiments, I realize that was my first jump into Hyperspace.
            The last experiment to jump was July 5, 1987. It was quite obvious by then, further tests would yield predictable results. I had discovered 3 particles that come to life from centrifugal force and a shield or barrier or "bubble" that protects them. The moon supplies the gravity, +/- air ions, the energy source, and there is an unknown trigger source I have not been able to identify, since the experiment is essentially over at the instant it jumps. By accident, "History" of the magnets in the Centrifuge was discovered. I can safely state that magnets (or their fields) exist in more than our dimension. If it wasn't for this fact, the Pyramid could never accelerate to the next dimension. The length of the occasion in "negative-time" is governed by a Fibonacci Spiral. To reset history to "zero" requires either removal of the magnets or moving the machine for 30 minutes. Since there are 108 magnets on the bottom row, it is obvious which was more efficient.

            It took 5 years to evolve a "Real-Time" machine that would not destroy itself every time it took a jump. On August 10, 1992, the miniature centrifuge (or gravity wheel, as it is now called) was placed into operation. It uses a 2-dimensional Pyramid arm. By monitoring the motor current, I noticed periodic noise pulses on the chart recorder. Since the experiment was conducted in a secure area at work, using my employer's test equipment, I soon learned those noise spikes were a change in weight of the machine.

            A risk purchase of an Ohaus Precision Plus Scale, with RS-232 output, proved important then, and still is now. Those noise spikes turned out to be the unknown trigger mentioned earlier. A particle from our sun strikes a bubble on one of the 2-dimensional Pyramids on the arm, causing it to instantly close-off. This results in the subtraction of the weight of the arm, that the Pyramid occupied. In turn, the scale sees this as a sudden change in the load it was measuring and shuts the data off. This in turn causes a pulse counter to indicate a “hit” and a speaker to notify me. The experiment was relocated next to the Centrifuge and ran 24 hours/day. 40-50 hits usually occur daily, but sometimes, I would take a reading and thousands of hits had occurred.

            The significant days when kilo-particles would arrive, could only be determined after the Sun’s direction of travel was determined. After this, I created a graph of the Earth circling the Sun, and lines on a chart representing the exact day and month the particles hit. They occur only during the “Quiet Sun” portion of the 11 year Sun Spot cycle. A number of years of repeated data can be accumulated. It was discovered, as the Earth travels around the sun, it passes through conduits of particles that are heading into space. Some conduits head towards the Galactic Center, but the most impressive and largest one, occurs on December 11-16, and if you show it on a Star Chart, it is heading towards the “Belt of Orion.”

            Negative air ions always fall on the experiment and these have made obvious high voltage problems for computers or test equipment inputs. To locate another energy source for the experiments, acoustics was tried! My employer graciously ran an acoustic computer program for me on the dimension of the King’s Chamber. Using two larger speaker assemblies, pumping their combined output at the Gravity Wheel, and the number of hits recorded in 24 hours as my guide, I soon learned the computer numbers were wrong! I had never considered that the stone coffer sitting in the room had altered the room’s resonance frequencies. So, starting at 40 Hz and increasing 0.5 Hz each day, I located and verified the first frequency after 100 days. It was 51.5 Hz (which I was reminded is also the angle of the sides).

            At this time (February 9, 1997), my laboratory silently gave birth to an “Unexpected  Outcome,” and the basis of this report. From this point of the report and onwards, all information will be in chronological order to show the changes occurring.

            With the negative ions turned off and the humidity less than 50%, the first strange event occurred in September 1997. Walking through the lab, caused an Electrostatic Charge on my body to set off the experiments pulse counter when you passed the gravity wheel.


ź         May 2000 - All particles arriving from the sun ceased to be recorded.

ź         June 2000 - Discovered a metallic substance on the Gravity Wheel that had caused the May 2000 problem. Analysis of the metal was: 35% Boron; 23% Barium; 21.8% Iodine; 12% Silver; 4% Bromine, 3.5% Selenium; 0.7% Gallium. Removal of the mystery metal returned the Gravity wheel to normal operation.

ź         August 2000 - Bill Cox, using his equipment, has determined that an energy field has developed around the Gravity Wheel experiment, which extends from floor to ceiling.

ź         September 2000 - A second energy field is detected which extends as far as 15 feet from center. Method of detection is interaction with the human body. Entering the field is quiet, but on EXIT, the experiment will lose weight, causing a pulse to be recorded. Since the scale is set for 5 grams, the event is significant.

ź         November 2000 - Two metal pyramids were hung from the ceiling. Bill Cox, who gave me the Pyramids stated one was hanging over his bed, and on some days it would turn as much as 45 degrees. One hour after hanging them, I noticed both were turning at a very slow rate. 5 years later, they are still turning. I use them to determine the health of the phenomena, which is still growing.

ź         March 2001 - Acquired a second Ohaus scale and built up a new Gravity Machine, duplicating all electronics. The new machine had a larger arm and more magnets. It was set up 3 feet from the first experiment. Within days, and using the human body as a test instrument (like Sept. 2000), I determined the room now had two energy fields. The fields opposed each other (similar to tests using the Centrifuge). The new, larger machine had taken over 2/3 of the lab, the smaller machine the balance. Later the log data reports that the larger machine will consume 90% of the room.

ź         June 2001 - Using the hanging Pyramids as a tool, determined that the Energy Field survives on wasted energy in the lab; ie. the experiments, unused wall-warts, magnetic field from the DC Treadmill motor, AC motors in the washing machine and dryer. The more energy it receives, the faster the Pyramids rotate back and forth. If you cut off it’s energy, the field can go dormant for days, but will return to life with any energy use.

ź         August 2001 - Discovered a New Moon at rise will shrink the boundary of the energy field into a bubble. If a differential pressure gauge is inserted from the experiment area (ground zero) to the outside of the bubble, and monitored before, during and after moon rise, the gauge will start at 0.0 Pascal before, increase to 0.2 Pascal at rise, and fall back to 0.0 later.

ź         September 2002. Suddenly after 1 year, the energy field starts to grow larger. It was only after NOAA announced the Sun had a second peak (during the current 11 year sun spot cycle). This new peak ties the bubble to the sun.

ź         October 2002 - Left the lab at 1230 hours and returned at 1420 hours, in time to witness 18 honeybees dead or dying on the workbench below the only window in the room.

I added 3 bees more the next day and 1 more the following. All bees were put into formalin. No hive was detected in the attic or trees. It could not be determine how they got into the laboratory.

ź         November 2002 - Terminated all acoustic tests after the generator was set to the Bee’s wing frequency. The effect on the Human Hosts was unsettling, due to the fact that the energy field was now entering the living areas of the house.

ź         December 2002 - After conducting a low power audio test using transducers for 30 days, it was determined that the medium inside the bubble is a damping field which prevents the Gravity Wheel from building up a charge. It normally took 15 hours to build up a suitable charge.

ź         March 2003 - Since the bubble was expanding into the living areas of the house, a series of tests were run to determine the intrusion under the house. Radius circles were drawn on a house scale drawing from point “0.” These were 8.5, 17, 27, 37, 47, and 56 feet. Using a strip chart recorder and special transducer, data was collected for 7-10 days at each convenient point on a radius circle. Some points were repeated. The results showed the bubble had crossed the 27 foot line.

ź         March 2003 - Conducted a “Ghost-Whisper” test using a microphone and recorder. 3 attempts heard nothing but “popping” sounds. A fourth attempt a few days later proved no popping and no eerie voices. A check with the conduit dates showed that the March conduit had occurred and the particles were striking the bubble, but not penetrating it.

Additionally, measured the Cosmic Ray background using a Scintillation Counter. It was then measured at 100 feet from point “0.” It was determined at this point of time that the attenuation was 30-40%.

ź         April 2003 - From the 18th-24th, the Gravity Wheel caused the Ohaus Scale to start vibrating. The vibrations increased and the experiment started gaining weight. The scale measures 4000 +/- 0.1 grams, and the experiment only weighs 1562 grams. On these days, the weight would increase to “scale overload” in seconds. A bathroom scale showed a weight gain of 7.5 lbs.

ź         July 2003 - Experiments with a Van De Graff Generator, which normally produced a 200,000 volt positive charge would only produce a negative charge inside the damping field. If you removed the generator away from the bubble, it would return to a positive charge. If I allowed the generator to remain outside for 24 hours, brought it back in and turned it on, a positive charge would accumulate, but within 60 seconds it would drain to zero and come back negative.

ź         July 2003 - 272 days after the last Honeybee invasion, they were back again. Between 0900-1000 hours, 30 bees were seen on the lab screen door. Before long, they had overcome that hurdle and were clinging to the solid wood door. When I returned from work, 10 dead bees were on the workbench and 6 were on the floor.

ź         August 2003 - Since the bubble we lived in attenuated a lot of noise generated by humanity and it’s toys, a test was conducted to verify it. I connected the lab’s D.N.C. Coil to a 10 MHz RMS meter. The results were strip chart recorded. The data was unexpected The high noise level during the daytime suddenly went away at night. The next day, the noise was back on. Investigation showed an event preceded the sun at sunrise and followed it a sunset. The event switching the noise on and off increased by +38 seconds each day during the Fall months. I lost it in September. Then suddenly everything toggled, and the noise was switched on at night and off during the day. It is not known how much the bubble influenced this test.

ź         October 2003 - Log entry. Sufficient time has lapsed to state the Human-Bubble interaction was over.

ź         January 2004 - I notified the Station Engineer at a local radio station that their station was switching level 15 DB periodically during the day. When he reported back to me that the signal was solid, and that he couldn’t explain what I had received, I knew the bubble was evolving again.

Tests showed a window had opened at: 1.43496 MHz, 1.6556 MHz, 2.68612 MHz, and 4.3166 MHz. Additional higher frequencies probably existed, but no equipment was available to test them.

ź         May 2004 - My partner, Dan Davidson, who has duplicated my efforts, also received an unexpected outcome! His wife is highly sensitive to the bubble’s presence, and he was willing to try anything to regain peace at his home. His solution was to wrap the house with insulated copper wire and connect a 36 kV pulsing generator to it. He did this for two weeks and claims to have rid the house of the problem.

I attempted the same solution on a smaller scale. I only wrapped the lab, where the bubble had it’s trunk. the 36 kV generator was on a shelf outside the house, since it generated copious amounts of ozone.

After 10 days, I shut down. The bubble had become so active that the Pyramids were rotating as much as 250 degrees in each direction, and much faster than they had ever moved.

ź         June 2004 - In order to again get the Gravity Wheel functioning, I got permission to set up in a neighbor’s home, 300 feet to the southwest. All equipment was relocated, calibrated and started. It would need 15 hours to charge up. Each day, a phone call reported no hits on the pulse counter. The following weekend, took the scintillator over and made a measurement. There was a 30-40% attenuation also! Took the Van De Graff Generator over and it produced a negative charge. Also shut down the experiment and returned it home.

ź         July 2004 - A magnetic compass used in the lab has been altered. It now points south.

ź         August 2004 - Installed a 56-inch long Hydrophone into the ground near point “0.” Then modified a 35 kHz Ultrasonic Generator to transfer it’s energy into two ground probes. With an assistant, we energized the ground at various points up to 300 feet away and covering a 180 degree spread. The spread covered the house the experiment was located in. The results obtained verified my suspicion. There was a direct underground link between my bubble and the one created across the street.

ź         December 2004 - Since the bubble was expanding, needed to determine in “real time,” where the edges were. Taking advantage of the 1.45 MHz window, built up a portable transmitter and mounted it on one end of a 4 foot cardboard tube. Then took a Frequency Selective Voltmeter and mounted it at the other end. Using the dB meter on the receiver, walked inside the bubble and outside, until I had exited the bubble. At the edge, made careful measurements and determined there was no longer an immediate edge. The bubble was now an Energy Field and the energy at an edge decreases to zero.

ź         January 2005 - Strait-Line Sonic Laser, which was designed to measure wall distances has proven to be an interesting asset in the study of the Energy Field. The laser portion does nothing, but the ultrasonic signal bounces off invisible energy levels inside.

ź         September 2005 - Set up a one-Lunar Month test using the 1.45 MHz Transmitter at point “0,” and a receiver 56 feet away, into a strip chart recorder. Results showed the moon’s influence was very visible. It also showed on Moon Days 23, 24, 25, 26, no openings occurred at any time.

ź         January 2006 - Have found a Garmin GPS-72, which has 10 receivers tuned to 1575.42 MHz, makes an excellent device to measure attenuation at that frequency. Also the error percentage after “first contact” supplements the data. No results at this time though!



ź         January 2006 - In closing, the attenuation measured using the scintillator has risen to 66%. Apparently the Energy Field is still evolving and growing.