A Picture Tour of the Great Pyramid of Giza
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(5) The Granite Plug - lower end
In the ceiling 97 feet  down the descending passage is a  granite plug which blocks the entrance to the ascending passage.  It is made of very hard quartz, mica and feldspar.  There are 3 granite plugs side by side.  Al Mamoun's men dug around these plugs through the softer limestone to gain entrance into the ascending passage.

(6) The First Ascending Passage - Looking South (up)
Once around these granite plugs we are in the ascending passage.   The ascending passage slopes up at a 26-degree angle  (same angle as the descending passage slopes down) and  has the same dimensions as the descending passage (3 1/2 feet high by almost 4  feet wide). Following the replica rolex orologi ascending passage for 124 feet, we finally arrive at a large open space known as the Grand Gallery. 

(7) Junction of Grand Gallery (above) and Queen's Chamber Passage (below and running horizontal)
At this point of intersection, you can take one of two routes. You can continue going up the grand gallery and eventually end up in the King’s chamber or continue in a horizontal direction through another passage (127 feet long) and wind up in the Queen’s chamber.

(8) The Grand Gallery - North end
The ascending passage opens up into a large open space known as the Grand Gallery.  It is a hall 153 feet long and 7 feet wide at the floor level and replica rolex gmt master ii about 28 feet high  It continues upward at the same slope as the ascending passage.

(8) The Grand Gallery - North end -  at a different angle
The walls rise in seven courses of polished limestone each corbeled 3 inches toward the center, making the gallery narrow from 62 inches at the base to 41 replica dita sunglasses inches at the top.  The first corbeling is 7 feet high.

(9) The Grand Gallery - Looking South (up)
On both sides of the central 2 foot replica rolex watches passage are two narrow ramps 18 inches wide and slotted at regular intervals.  The purpose of these ramps is unknown.

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