35- Subterranean Chamber  showing contour around the Pit and entrance doorway (upper left)

The Pit  was 12 feet deep in 1838 , but was dug deeper by the explorer Colonel Vyse in the hope of finding an outlet that would lead to a hidden chamber.

36- The Western Half of the Subterranean Chamber

The Edgar brothers account of their visit to the pyramid in 1909 state that "In the unfinished floor of the subterranean chamber appears the large, squarish mouth of a deep vertical shaft. We had always to avoid walking too near its edge, for the rough uneven floor of the chamber is covered with loose crumbling debris". 

37- The Dead End passage in the Subterranean Chamber

In the south wall, opposite the entrance, is a low passage (about 2 1/2 feet square) which runs 53 feet before coming to a blind end.

38- The Grotto and Well-Shaft

At the intersection where the ascending passage meets with the Grand Gallery is a hole which leads to a shaft (known as the well shaft) which connects with the descending passage below. This near vertical tunnel is about 3 feet in diameter.  As it continues downward a grotto opens off the shaft.  The shaft than continues downward to connect with the lower part of the descending passage.

39- The Well-Shaft looking almost vertically upward from the bottom

The purpose of this well shaft remains a mystery.

40- Close up of the Coffer in the King's Chamber

To end this tour, let us go back and look more closely replica rolex explorer 1 at the most mysterious part of the Great Pyramid, the empty coffer in the King's Chamber.  This beautiful granite shaped box made was made from a replica rolex explorer ii solid block of chocolate-colored granite and is even harder than the granite walls of the King's Chamber.   For thousands of years, many have wondered about its purpose.  Ancient legend says that it came from Atlantis or even from America.  It was never inscribed or decorated.  Also, since it is replica louis vuitton men sunglasses too large to pass through the low passages leading into the King Chambers, it must have been placed in the chamber before the chamber was closed and passages sealed.  The volume of the Coffer is equal to that of the Ark of the Covenant.  It is replica rolex watches 89.8 inches long, 38.7 inches wide and 41.2 inches high.  The sides are close to 6 inches thick and the bottom 7 inches thick.

*I ask'd of TIME:  "To whom arose this high
Majestic pile, here mouldering in decay?"
He answer'd not, but swifter sped his way,
With ceaseless pinions winnowing the sky.

To FAME I turn'd  "Speak thou, whose sons defy
The waste of years, and deathless works essay!"
She heaved a sigh, as one to grief a prey,
And silent, downward cast her tearful eye.

Onward I pass'd, but sad and thoughtful grown,
When, stern in aspect, o'er the ruin'd  shrine
I saw OBLIVION stalk from stone to stone.

"Dread Power!"  I cried,  "Tell me whose vast design-"
He checked my further speech, in sullen tone;
"Whose once it was, I care not;  now  'tis mine!"

* The poet Petrocchi, realizing the antiquity of the Great Pyramid penned the following lines regarding it (translation from the Italian by Charles Strong)

This ends the tour of the Great Pyramid.  We hope you enjoyed it and will come back and visit again.



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Vijay Venkatesh - India


This picture tour is more comprehensive than any I've ever seen regarding the great pyramid. I have been to Giza and stood in awe of these magnificent structures. I join those who believe they are much older than commonly thought. I hope in my lifetime the secrets of Giza will be discovered and revealed. I think of Edgar Cayce's statement that the stones used in the construction were floated upon the air much as iron floats upon water. Anti-gravity. Laws of physics that were known to the ancients, then lost, and not as yet re-discovered by present-day man. The mathematics and mechanics of the pyramids defy understanding by anyone now living. Kudos to you for making these photos and information available to all.  (Robert - Illinois)


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I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.  I was in the Great Pyramid in 1997 and it was wonderful recalling what I had seen and especially what I had not seen.  We spent time in the Kings Chamber but I didn't  go into the Queens Chamber.  Most of the younger people in the group went into the Queens Chamber and any where else they were allowed.  Thank you for the very informative tour. I liked the history given at the beginning and the scenes of the subterranean chamber.   I will recommend this to my friends who have not been there.  (Hilda, Coral Gables, FL)


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