Dennis G. Balthaser - NM - COORDINATOR OF UFOLOGY RELATED TO THE GREAT PYRAMID  A retired civil and Army engineer, Dennis spent 3 years in an Army Engineering battalion,  33 years with the Texas Department of Transportation and worked in Greenland, Korea, and South Africa.  Editorial and Press Release

Dennis Balthaser: An Introduction 

As a young man, Dennis Balthaser would look into the night sky and wonder at  the secrets it held. Some years later Dennis bought a book about UFOs and his  wonder turned to investigation. Today he has a library with over 100 books in  reference to ufology. 

Dennis served 3 years ('59 - '62) with the United States Army in the 815th  Engineering Battalion. 

After some 33 years in Civil Engineering, Dennis retired from the Texas Department of  Transportation in 1996. Having been keenly interested in the Roswell Incident of 1947, Dennis decided to move to Roswell, New Mexico, to pursue his avocation: Ufology. 

Initially Dennis worked as an Engineering Consultant in Roswell, volunteering his time at  the International UFO Museum and Research Center on weekends. Nine months later he resigned  from the engineering firm, assuming the duties of IUFOMRC Operations Manager, served on the  Board of Directors and became the UFO Investigator for the Museum, as a full time volunteer. 

Dennis' interest in the Roswell Incident expanded as he was able to meet with the  witnesses, travel to the alleged incident sites, and visit with authors and historians on the  subject. He began his own investigations, yielding some of the most informative lectures ever  presented at the museum. 

Due to his love of ufology, his dedication and his exhaustive work, Dennis is  regarded as a leading investigator and ufologist by his peers, communicating regularly with such  well known researchers asDerrel Sims (First Evidence), Stanton Friedman, Donald R. Schmitt,  Wendy Connors and others in their quests to find the truth. 

Currently, in that Dennis is no longer affiliated with the Museum, he is able to devote his full  time as an independent researcher/investigator to the Roswell Incident, Area 51 and underground  bases research, and frequently lectures on these and other topics, related to ufology. 

Dennis is a Certified Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator and belongs to other  ufology organizations.