Stephen Mehlerís fascination with ancient Egypt , which began at the age of eight, has guided his education and spiritual work all his life.  Mehler holds three degrees in the sciences and is a trained field archaeologist and prehistorian.  Mehler also served as a Staff research scientist for the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, in San Jose , California from 1978-1980.

Since 1992, Mehler has worked with and been a student of, Egyptian-born Egyptologist and indigenous wisdom keeper, AbdíEl Hakim Awyan, popularly known as Hakim.  Stephen has written two books, The Land of Osiris and From Light Into Darkness: The Evolution Of Religion In Ancient Egypt, based on his 14 years of work with Hakim and Stephenís almost 40 years of research in the area.  Stephen is currently Director of Research of both the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association and his own Land Of Osiris Research Project . He also leads tours to Egypt and is working on a third book with Hakim.

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