Joe Parr, J.D. - "Advisory Board Member" and "Coordinator of Experimental Projects" for the association

Joe is a field and electronics engineer with over 40 years of professional experience.  He has worked in Antarctica, Palmer Station and Thule, Greenland.  He has been an active researcher in 8 major projects  and developed the gamma ray transducer.  He currently is involved in developing deep ocean acoustic transponders .  Joe has experimented with pyramids since 1977 and was the first to discover that the pyramid affects gamma rays.  He also performed tests with rotating pyramids and radioactive sources and measured radioactive in the Great Pyramid.   Joe also has a law degree.

NOTE:  Joe's research with photos is in The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook.  See homepage to order

Article by Joe Parr describing his research

Article by Joe Parr in "Electric Spacecraft Journal

Excerpt from "Shape Power" describing Joe Parr's work

The Discoveries of Joe Parr

Graph of Experiment Transfers 'vs' Bermuda 
Triangle Documented Losses

Sun-Moon Angular Relationship

Particle Vibration/Magnetic Field Calendar

Comments on Ley Lines
w Introduction by Director John DeSalvo

The Evolution of an Energy Field

CONTRIBUTORS TO Joe Parr's Research


NOTE:  Director John DeSalvo discussed Joe Parr's research on the Laurie Lee Show.  Listening to this show will help you understand the basics of Joe Parr's research.  The show lasts 58.41 minutes and Joe Parr's research starts at 31.20 minutes into the program.  You can skip to this section using your real or media player.  To listen now to this show using real player or windows media player  click here.